General Questions

+ What is Halp?

Halp matches high school students with active undergrad students so they can get access to genuine, peer-driven support to research programs, write great applications, accept the right offer, and prepare for first year to arrive on campus ready to succeed.

+ Why should I use Halp?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you should use Halp!

  • Do you find information sessions and tours too general and biased?
  • Are you struggling with where to apply?
  • Are you looking for personalized information about universities or programs?
  • Have you been admitted but can’t decide which school to accept?
  • Are you unable to visit all of your desired schools?
  • Do you want to reduce the stress of the college process?
  • Have you accepted an offer and want advice on residences, class choices, and more?

+ How does the service work?

Our team of experts take the time to understand your needs, find a perfect match, and ensure a fantastic experience

  1. Discover - Tell us which schools and programs you’re interested in and well find you the perfect matches
  2. Book - Pick times and dates that are convenient for you. Need to reschedule? No problem!
  3. Chat - Connect one-on-one to get all your questions answered!

+ Who are the Halpers?

Our Halpers are active undergraduate students who have been hand picked to provide you with genuine first-hand advice! Each Halper goes through a thorough training and vetting process. They’re friendly, involved in all aspects of campus life, and strong academically.

+ How are the Halpers screened and trained?

Each Halper is individually trained and vetted before ever doing a chat. We provide training on facilitating great conversations, answering difficult questions, and equip them with important information resources. Our Halpers are also all well versed in all aspects of student life, – from excelling academically, being actively involved in extracurriculars, and having an intimate understanding of campus life.

+ What schools do you offer? What if I don’t see my school listed?

Currently, we have over 60 Halpers at schools across Canada including Western, Queen's, Laurier, McGill, Toronto, Ryerson, Guelph, McMaster, UBC, U of Alberta, U of Saskatchewan, Ottawa, Lakehead, Dalhousie, Carlton, Waterloo, and more! Don’t see your school listed? Shoot us a note at contact@halp.ca and we will find an amazing student for you to chat with!

+ Can Halp get me into my dream school?

Only you can get yourself into your dream school, but we will help you figure out what that dream school is, give you a chance to learn more about it, and set you up to kill when you get there!

+ How do you protect my privacy?

At Halp, we make sure your privacy is our priority. Everything you share with your Halper during the call is kept confidential, and phone calls are never recorded. Your information is stored securely on Halp’s encrypted servers and are never shared with other third-parties.

+ How much does a Halp chat cost?

A Halp chat costs C$20 for a 20 min phone call with a Halper of your choice at a time that’s convenient for you. You may purchase your chats here.

+ Are there refunds if a student cancels on a Halper call that has already been scheduled?

We know lives get busy and unexpected things come up. That’s why we have a 24 hour cancellation / reschedule policy. Unfortunately, we can’t provide refunds for cancellations or reschedules within that time.

For High school students:

+ How long are the chats and what is the chats format?

Each Halp chat is 20 minutes long and takes place over the phone. We try to keep the chats as unstructured as possible so you can tailor the conversation to get your specific questions answered. Our Halper will briefly introduce herself and her program, and then open it up to you for questions.

+ How many chats should I buy?

We suggest speaking to at least one student from each school and program you are considering. Our users often speak to multiple Halpers at each school, and sometimes even multiple times with the same Halper!

+ How do you match me with a Halper?

Our team of experts match you with Halpers based on your schools, programs and topics of interest. We strive to match based on compatibility to ensure for the most comfortable and helpful conversations.

+ What questions can I ask?

Anything you want! Our Halpers are able to answer any questions you have on schools, programs, clubs, campus resources, culture and more. We also provide a chat prep guide before your call, which has lots of sample questions for you to get inspired by!

For Parents:

+ Will my child’s information be shared with anyone or sold?

No, all information shared with us is kept confidential. Chats are never recorded.

+ What if my child doesn’t know what questions to ask, or is just shy?

Our Halpers are trained in facilitation and know how to have great conversations. We also provide a chat prep guide with lots of sample questions to pull from and be inspired by!

+ Am I allowed to sit in on the call, or have a Halp chat myself?

Yes to both! We encourage parents to sit in on the call to both listen in and ask questions. Parents may also choose to have separate Halper chats themselves so they can learn more about their child’s options.

We are always looking to chat with high school students, university students, guidance counselors, parents, and university recruitment representatives. If you’re interested in partnering with us, have any general questions, or just want to chat, please reach out to us at contact@halp.ca